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  • MD, M.Sc. Gynecologist in Assisted Reproduction

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Midwife,IVF Coordinator

Midwife,IVF Coordinator

Our passion for assisted reproduction and our desire to be close to you with safety, immediacy and care, leads Embryolab to the new digital era to ensure “We stay safe” and “We stay connected”.

We have created Embryolab Connect, a pioneering private and secured connection platform for 2 or more users through which you can directly and safely have a live consultation with an Assisted Reproduction Specialist.

We continue our communication and IVF preparation and with the appropriate medical and embryological guidance we can make the most of the waiting time and together we can ensure the best possible outcome of your treatment.

We are advancing science and we are developing cutting-edge technology, focusing on individualized protocols based on a detailed study of your treatment’s preparation. We are able to design the best treatment plan for you and maximize your chances for a full-term pregnancy.

# We stay_Safe
# We stay_Connected

We stay true to our dream and prepare accordingly.
We remain optimistic and well informed.