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Remote IVF.

Infertility is one of the most common problems encountered by couples during their reproductive years. As technology and science have evolved dramatically the last years, the vast majority of these couples will eventually achieve their goal. Couples are informed and seek treatment options. Sometimes even far from their place of residence, in another country

When the chosen specialized assisted reproduction clinic is located hundreds of kilometers away, questions arise:

“Will I be able to achieve my goal? “

“Those who will help me are far away!”

“Can I have an IVF treatment remotely?” Is it possible?”

The four main challenges faced by a couple doing IVF remotely are safety, treatment organization, the quality of the services provided, and of course, the positive outcome. The right way to deal with these issues is to choose a well-organized clinic with a high experience in remote therapies which, as an orchestrator, will organize the entire procedure.

Free online fertility appointments

Embryolab’s scientific team: Gynecologists, Embryologists, Psychologists, Genetic Counselors are constantly at your disposal to provide free advice, evaluate your test results, the course of your treatment, even from the first meeting, and provide support through videoconference.
Fertility and IVF treatments require careful planning and preparation. Starting the consultation early and remotely saves time. Specifically it is essential to:

  1. being informed validly, and in detail, on the questions of interest.
  2. having the time to do all necessary and recommended diagnostic tests before starting any treatment.
  3. improving your way of life and preparing your body before starting IVF. Eating a healthy diet, avoiding alcohol, and quitting smoking can improve the quality of your eggs and sperm.
  4. focusing on yourself and coming closer to your partner, to prepare for the happy changes to follow your effort.

Embryolab’s scientific team is constantly by your side to plan everything regarding your treatment.


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is free


gives you the opportunity to get to know the Clinic you will choose, wherever we are.


requires much less time than a personal meeting (no commuting or travelling, less preparation)


gives you the opportunity to receive experts advice, which you will use to better prepare for your effort.


The online meeting will take place on the clinic’s online platform, called Embryolab Connect, an innovative, private and secure connection, which allows us to communicate with you live, with quality and absolute protection of your personal data shared, and, of course, protecting everyone' s health.

Through a mobile, tablet or PC, 2 or more users connect to have a direct and secure consultation with Embryolab’s specialised assisted reproduction team, via standard browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari), without the need of installing an additional program or application.

Embryolab is a state of the art Fertility Clinic, operating in Thessaloniki since 2004

The Embryolab team consists of top-notch doctors, embryologists and scientists from many disciplines with great specialisation and experience in the field of fertility.

With insistence on quality and equipment at the cutting edge of technology, Embryolab has been certified since 2007 with ISO 9001:2015 and EN 15224:2017 standards.

Embryolab is the first assisted reproduction unit in Greece to have been certified under the Covid Shield scheme by TÜV AUSTRIA.

Embryolab supports fertility with therapy protocols tailored to the personal needs of each couple.

In Embryolab we work daily with respect to people’s dream to become parents.

Changing lives. Creating families.

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